Friday, 3 September 2010


I have been saving up my cash lately as I want to treat myself to some really sdelicious treat later in the year, what is this you ask? Well let me tell you it is caviar imported from Russia, the real beluga caviar that is so popular but in short supply. The beluga sturgeon is a fish that lives in freshwater but also goes to the sea to feed, just like a salmon. These rare and expensive beluga fish are in danger of being fished to death and now are protected by CITES the endangered species act that has had to step in to make sure that this 200 million year old species does not get wiped off the face of the planet totally and for ever.

When you buy beluga caviar online you must first check that the seller is selling it with a 20 digit code that is given by CITES as this means it is not black market caviar and therefore it does not endanger the species. We must be responsible when we buy caviar these days as if not then the black market will erase the beluga sturgeon from existence and it will never come back again.

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Hookah Lounge

Hookah Lounge is a superb blog, my friend in Israel Moshe, writes a superb informative blog called Hookah Lounge on the best news and events and sites to visit in the shisha world।

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Shisha Hookah Pipe UK Online

I designed this cool website with my mate Eric, have a look at the UK number 1 Shisha Shop ONline :))
needs your feedback,, so tweet tweet

:> mk

And people who buy shisha tobacco are generally happier people, with more fruit flavours in life to share,,, thats my opinion.

Saturday, 9 May 2009

DJ Spacemann listens to DJ Adrian Fisk trance set

Nice one Adrian,, on great form mate !
liking the trance,, look forward to play you the new vinyl i got,, really nice quality amigo :>>>


Sunday, 26 October 2008

Friday, 1 February 2008

Bill Gates graphic by Michael Katz

he cornered the operating system market for pc with windows but missed out on the search engine monopoly that google took the crown for.

nina katz

Nina Katz's first birthday May 29 2007

cake design : gisela domschke katz

card design : michael mostyn katz

Corporate branding by Michael Katz

creative direction by Michael M Katz.

brief: to create the corporate identity of Lead Galaxy, a global online property marketing portal.

event: OPP Live 2006 at Alexandra Palace, London.

OPP Live 2007 EXCEL, London Docklands.

Animate by Michael Katz & Gisela Domschke

submitted to The Lux "Animate" festival London 1998

artwork by Gisela Domschke & Michael Katz.


gisela domschke katz

minimalist graphic design by michael katz

Salsa Global brand identity

Salsa Global

Design & Art Direction by Michael Katz

Carboot sale re-designed by michael katz

michael katz presents designer graphic interface background tile used for the designers landing page, published 2007

Michael Katz graphic design

Design for Sifu Dave Mc Nicoll by Michael Katz

Design of seal for Sifu Dave Mc Nicoll

Casino 555 brand identity by michael katz

brand indentity for online games casino that never launched :) a good thing i am sure, one less casino in the world !

Graphic design of "hope" by Michael M Katz

Michael Katz graphic design mobile phone virus

a project with no brief done for a reason i can not remember, one of my favorites though for some reason

Michael Katz eMC Saatchi 2001

photo c/o Chris Power

Section 6

Multimedia design by Gisela Domschke
Graphic design by Michael Katz
Photography by Adrian Fisk

A journey through the UK squat party scene post Criminal Justice Bill

Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Michael M Katz

Michael Katz re-designs American Express logo

made in 1998 by M M Katz

Adidas 1997

Image courtesy of Adrian FIsk

Design concept by Gisela Domschke and Michael Katz

Michael Katz animation for M&C Saatchi cinema advert No Euro

Creative Direction: Simon Dicketts
Art Direction: Fergus Flemming
Michael Katz
Animation & Sound Design: Michael Katz

campaign received D&AD silver award and screened nationwide in cinemas.

DJ Spacemann live at The Ritz - 1992 Manchester

dj spacemann performing live Manchester 1992 at Ritz Club for Freedom to Party.

dj spacemann performing live Manchester 1992 at Ritz Club for Freedom to Party.

Michael Katz - DJ spacemann online sound archive interface design

floating dukebox built to showcase the music production of dj spacemann

Michael Katz - logo design Lockedgroove

Done for my good bro's Jim West and Matt Cove, and all the crew at

David Katz pictured right recording another album, taken 1975.

Art Games by Michael Katz

My favorite old logo, atari,, i had to turn it into art by deleting a couple of letters, needed to be done so i did ! see more images at

design seems to me to be its best when done not for money, just for fun... but hey we all need to eat

Inner space created for David Katz by michael katz

Design made for my father David Katz during his treatment with chemotherapy. my father requested a visualisation of the chemotherapy process on a molecular level that he was undergoing.

best design i will ever be lucky enough to make

miss you daddy x love you