Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Bulgarian honey

I recommend Bulgarian honey as some of the finest quality honey in the World market with Bulgaria a relatively untouched natural environment with an ancient tradition in beekeeping.  I liked it so much i decided to buy wholesale honey amounts to get a good price.The honey I tried was Acacia honey and Lime Blossom honey which were both amazing and both crystallized after several months showing the true quality of this pure honest artisan made honey. I can not recommend more highly the taste and quality of raw Bulgarian honey.

Here is the jar i purchased at my local delicatessen in Stoke Newington, London. The local farmers markets are selling them now also so you can find them in Primrose Hill and Borough Market and many others across London. You can buy saffron spice online at the best saffron prices in the UK and have it delivered to your door.

Iranian Saffron Spice UK Prices Online

Saffron Spice Online Price Guide comes in 3 main grades: Sargol, Pushal and Konga. Sargol saffron is the all red tips of the saffron crocus stigmas. Sargol is the highest saffron quality in terms of both its spice strength and color power. Pushal is the part of the stigma where it becomes orange/red in color. Pushal saffron is the medium grade lower in power than sargol but higher than konga. Konga is more yellow in color. Konga is the lowest grade of saffron and weakest. The best place to buy high quality saffron at reasonable prices is not the supermarket but instead to buy saffron online and have it delivered to your door.
 Saffron Price Online

The saffron price depends on what country the saffron is from, you get Spanish saffron, Moroccan saffron, Kashmir saffron and Iranian saffron as the main producing countries. Of all Iran is the country that makes the very finest saffron production in the World, this is not a discussion but a fact. The saffron prices fluctuate rather like gold does and many factors effect this like the weather in Spring and Summer before the years October saffron crocus flower harvest.

The wisest way to buy saffron is to make sure it comes with ISO-3632 certification as many people on E-bay and other sites sell fake saffron passing off rubbish and poor unsuspecting customers loose out. A very honest and reliable saffron shop online is who offer great prices on Iranian Saharkhiz saffron and have fast delivery and great customer service delivering Worldwide within a few days.